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Compact Excavators

Yanmar compact excavator Vi0 series means "true zero tail swing". See individual models for VIPPS progressive 3 pump system for smooth control and better fuel economy, VICTAS advanced stability crawler system and hydraulic quick coupler. Also Yanmar "Clean and silent diesel offering super low noise and low "tier 4" interference without electronic suppression. Helping companies comply with emmission bilaws. Select from the table below, access a detailed brochure, then call Reis to discuss your needs.



(SAE [email protected] RPM)


Dig Depth

ft-in (m)

Detailed Specifications

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Construction SV08-1 10.3 [email protected] 2,400RPM 2348 lbs 5'4" SV08 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
Construction Vi017 13.5 HP @ 2,200RPM 3836 lbs 7'7" Vi017 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
Construction Vi020-3 19.2 HP @ 2,400 RPM 4910 lbs 8'7" Vi020 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
Construction Vi027-5 21.6 HP @ 2,200 RPM 6460 lbsv 9'6" Vi027-35 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
Construction Vi035-5 28 HP @ 2,300 RPM 7850 lbs 11'4" Vi027-35 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
ConstructionVi045-5 38.7 HP @ 2,400 RPM 10121 lbs 12'8" Vi045-55 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
Construction Vi055-5 38.7 HP @ 2,400 RPM 11312 lbs 13'8" Vi045-55 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
Construction Vi075-A 58.2 HP @ 2,000 RPM 17530 lbs 15'5" Vi075 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
ConstructionSV100 73 HP @ 2,200 RPM 20950 lbs 16'1" SV100 Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf
ConstructionB7-5A 58.2 HP @2000 RPM 17,706 lbs 14'9" B7-5A Compact Excavator Brochure.pdf

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